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Home In One

Go for a mortgage loan that saves you interest!


Save interest on your home loan with RAKBANK Home in One.
The more funds you deposit in your Home in One current account, the less interest you pay on your Home in One mortgage loan. What this means is that you pay interest only on the outstanding Loan Amount net of the credit balances in your Home in One current account with the bank. Therefore, you pay less or no interest depending upon the balances in your Home in One Current Account. 


Reduce your interest
Every deposit you make lowers your Mortgage interest payment.
Access your funds anytime
You can withdraw your available balance at any time, just like any current account
Low Cost Mortgage
Interest is calculated on your daily balances, reducing the effective rate of interest 
  • Home in One links your current account balances to your mortgage loan in order to reduce the mortgage balance you’re charged interest on. This will help reduce your mortgage payments each month.
  • For any low-yielding deposits, once placed in your Home in One current account, will yield the same rate as that on the mortgage loan. Additionally, you will have instant access to your funds.
  • Home in One is ideal for anyone buying a home, whether for self-use or as an investment.
  • The Home in One current account offers all facilities of a current account, i.e. debit card, chequebook, internet and mobile banking.

Use our calculator now to know how a Home in One home loan can save you interest.

Still have questions? Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Variable rate from day 1 starting from 3 months EIBOR + 1.04% to 3 months EIBOR + 1.84% reducing rate p.a.
  • Attractive option of 3 & 5 years fixed rates for salaried and self-employed customers starting from 4.03% p.a. to 5.99%, reducing rate p.a. Follow on rates after expiring the fixed rate period starting from 3 months EIBOR + 1.74% to 3 months EIBOR + 2.54%
  • No In-Principle Approval (IPA) fees
  • 0% processing fee for buyout loans
  • 0.50% loan processing fee for salaried and self-employed customers for fixed rates options of 3 years and 5 years.
  • 0.25% loan processing fee for salaried and 0.50% for self-employed customers for variable rate from day 1 loans.
  • Special discount on evaluation fees of AED 2,350 + VAT 
  • Attractive discounts on life insurance at 0.0242% p.m. + VAT of the loan outstanding each month, as applicable
  • Offer is valid till further notice on ready residential properties only


  • Home in One is available for UAE residents& UAE nationals
  • Available for salaried and self-employed individual customers for approved residential and commercial properties
  • The minimum income required for salaried individuals is AED 15,000/month. In case of single and joint expats borrowers, one borrower’s salary has to be a minimum of AED 10,000.
  • Maximum loan amount of up to AED13 Million for salaried individuals and AED20 Million for self-employed customers
  • No deferrals of instalments are allowed on this loan.
  • If you fail to make any payment due under the loan or otherwise breach our terms, you will lose the property mortgaged to the bank because of the mortgage enforcement proceedings that we may take.

You need to:

  • Pay all amounts due on the due dates without delay;
  • Review all other terms & conditions set out in the application form;
  • Regularly check our website (www.rakbank.ae) for updates;
  • Notify the bank in writing if there is a change in your employment or income details, contact details, residential status, identification details, financial details or any other material information as declared in the application form; and 
  • Notify the bank in writing if you wish to prepay your loan prior to its maturity.
  • The bank may amend the features, fees, charges, terms & conditions of the loan with a 60-day notice to you in advance.
  • The bank may amend the interest rates for the loan with a 30-day notice to you in advance.

Important Information:

EIBOR Rates are updated four times a year on the first Business Day of every January, April, July and October months if your Mortgage Loan is based on 3 Months EIBOR + Margin. For Loans based on 6 and/or 12 Months EIBOR + Margin, rates are updated two times a year on the first Business Day of every January and July months. Communication is sent to you post the change in EMI on account of change in applicable EIBOR Rate. 

To know more about the EIBOR Rate or to know the EIBOR Rate movements please refer to: 



  • If you pay off the loan prior to the due date, you will pay prepayment charges at the rates described in the Service and Price Guide.
  • If you are late in payment or cannot make a payment on the due date, you will pay default interest at the rates described in the Service and Price Guide.
  • If you cannot make a payment or otherwise breach the loan terms, this will be a default, and the bank will be entitled, among other things, to:
    • (a) Apply a penalty interest of 2% per annum for non-compliance with the terms of the loan;
    • (b) Cancel the loan and demand full repayment immediately;
    • (c) Report the default to the appropriate regulatory authorities, including the UAE Central Bank, Al Etihad Credit Bureau and credit rating agencies, which will affect your credit rating;
    • (d) Bring legal proceedings against you and repossess the mortgaged property.


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