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Our aim is not just to assist you in assessing your debt situation, but to empower you to make sound financial decisions by helping you plan, spend, and take control of your finances.

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    Ask Us Anything

    We are here for you and to guide your financial situations!

    Whether it’s prioritizing the debts or understanding which factors affect your financial situations, our team of Money Assist are here to provide you with the support you need. Benefit from useful tips and advice to develop a money plan and increase your disposable income.
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    Balance Health and Wealth

    Your health and financial stability is important to us!

    If you are facing health or financial difficulties including loss of job, our help is always at hand! Connect with us and let us help you find options to manage your expenses while still making your repayments.
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    Maintain a good Credit Score

    Let us review your score and guide you towards improving your performance!

    Maintaining a good credit score has an impact on your financial future. We are happy to help review your AECB score with you and provide you with guidance on how to improve your score in the future.
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    Budget Planning

    Get back on track of your spending!

    Managing your budget is a key factor for a relaxed and prosperous life. We will help you allocate your spending accordingly, while also taking into consideration your lifestyle and personal expenditure.
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    Home Investment

    We are here to support you find your forever home!

    A house is much more than a physical place, it is the cornerstone for starting a family. We are here to stand by you in this big step, giving you advice on which loan you should get in line with your current financial situation.
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    Saving Plan

    We’ll help you put some savings asides without affecting your lifestyle.

    The money you save today will reward you in the future. Life can be uncertain at times, but we are here to give you some tips to ensure that no matter how bumpy the road ahead can get, you are financially able to overcome hurdles.

We Follow A Humanistic Approach

We will help you draw a connection between your requirements, your challenges, and your current liabilities. We will explain to you the various steps to be taken before any decision is made, and we will always be realistic, honest, and empathic to your situation


We Provide Tools to manage your finances

We empower you with calculators and financial budgeting tools to help you improve your financial habits.

Financial Loan Calculator

For certain loan/ finance products (Personal, Mortgage, Business & Secured Finance), these calculators will help you assess the repayments and the breakup of the interest payable throughout the tenure.

Calculate Your Financial loans

Not knowing how to pay off your Credit Cards? Our Credit Card Calculator helps you identify the time it will take to close your Credit Card based on your monthly repayments, and if you have a target time in mind, then all you need to do is enter it and the calculator will give you the monthly payments you need to make to achieve your target.

Use it Now!

Improving your finances is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes time, discipline, perseverance, and patience. By taking small steps staying consistent and focused, you can achieve your financial goals and build a more secure future.

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Why Choose Us?

We recognize our customers to be our imperative stakeholders who form a core part of our continuous journey towards service excellence. RAKBANK realizes the importance of being by our customers at every step of the way.


To offer 'simply better' banking solutions for all our customers across the UAE


We aim to be a leading customer focused bank in the UAE offering convenient access to innovative and competitive financial products across multiple channels to individuals and businesses.

  • We will always treat our customers with respect.
  • We will understand our customers' financial needs to offer them solutions that will help them achieve their financial aspirations.
  • We will be transparent about our services and charges.
  • We will treat our customers' with importance and ensure a timely response.
  • We will keep our customers' personal and financial information confidential.
  • We will be fair in all our interactions with our customer.

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Send us an email to [email protected] and we will contact you within 1 working day.

Our working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.