Important Disclaimer

  • Please refer to the below table for the Interest rate and the duration for each product.
  • Please note that the Interest rates are based on current applicable rates as at November 2021 and may be subject to change in the future.
  • The above calculator is for assumption purposes only. The actual repayment schedules will be shared once you avail the product.
  • The Promo Period will be the period between disbursal of funds and first repayment date. It will be up to a max of 180 days and subject to Bank approval.
  • For certain loan products (Personal, Mortgage, Business & Secured Finance), in addition to the above, there will be Life &/or Property Insurance applicable as part of the loan and this will be provided to you at the time of the application.
Product name Reducing Interest Rate per annum Maximum Duration
Personal Loan 5% 48 months
Auto Loan 2% 60 months
Mortgage Loan 3% 300 months
Asset Based Loan 6% 48 months
Business Loan 16% - 25% 48 months
Secured Finance – CREL (Commercial Real Estate Loan) 4% - 7% 10 years
Secured Finance – FIGP (Finance Against Income Generating Properties) 4% - 7% 15 years