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  • Register for Digital Banking

    Access the convenience of banking on the go.

  • Setup Biometric Login

    Login Quickly & Securely using Fingerprint or Face ID.

  • Enable User ID

    Self-enable your blocked Digital Banking User ID instantly.

  • Recover your User ID or Password

    Self-retrieve your Digital Banking User ID or password while on the go.

  • Manage your Accounts

    Conveniently manage your RAKBANK Accounts anywhere, anytime.

  • Manage your Credit Cards

    Easily manage your Credit Card while on the go.

  • Buy & Sell Gold

    Buy, Save or Sell Gold instantly as low as 1 gram.

  • Deposit, Loan and Investments

    Apply or view your Deposit, Loan or Investment information.

  • Live Chat

    Need help? We're just a chat away!

Pay Bills

  • Add a Utility Provider

    Register your biller to make paying bills simpler.

  • Pay Utility Bills

    View outstanding bills and make instant payments.

  • Make Credit Card Payments

    All your credit card payments can now be taken care of in a few clicks.

  • Top Up a RAKBANK Prepaid Card

    Instantly top up a RAKBANK Prepaid card using either your Account or Credit Card.

Send Money

  • Manage Beneficiaries & Payees

    Add, delete or confirm beneficiaries & payees.

  • Transfer funds between Own Accounts

    Instantly transfer money between your accounts.

  • Transfer funds within UAE

    Conveniently transfer money to other local accounts in a few clicks.

  • Send Money Internationally

    Transfer funds internationally using RAKMoneyTransfer.

  • Withdraw using MobileCash

    Card-less cash withdrawal using a RAKBANK ATM.

  • View Transaction History & Scheduled Transactions

    View history of past transactions as well as those scheduled for future.

Initiate Requests

  • Activate your Card

    Activate your Debit or Credit Card instantly.

  • Set Up a preferred Card PIN

    Set up your preferred Debit or Credit Card PIN.

  • Block your Card

    Temporarily or Permanently block your Debit or Credit Card.

  • Unblock your Card

    Easily unblock your temporarily blocked Debit or Credit Card.

  • Replace your Card

    Request an replacement Debit or Credit Card.

  • Balance Transfer, Credit Card Cheque & Smart Cash

    Request for Balance Transfer, Credit Card Cheque or Smart Cash from your RAKBANK credit card.

  • Easy Payment Plan

    Easily convert your Credit Card transactions into Easy Instalments.

  • Redeem Credit Card Cash Back

    Redeem your credit card cashback in a few clicks.

  • Early Card Renewal

    Request for an early renewal of your Debit or Credit Card.

  • Duplicate Credit Card Statement Request

    Conveniently request a printed copy of your Credit Card statement.

  • Setup Standing Instructions

    Auto pay your RAKBANK Credit Card outstanding from your RAKBANK Account.

  • Amend Standing Instructions

    Amend the auto pay instructions on your RAKBANK Credit Card.

  • Change Credit Card Billing Date

    Amend your Credit Card statement generation date.

  • Cheque Book Request

    Apply for a cheque book.

  • Advance Against Salary

    Take an advance and pay it back when you receive your salary.

  • Balance Confirmation Letter

    Request for a balance confirmation letter.

  • Duplicate Account Statement Request

    Conveniently request a printed copy of your Account statement.

  • Demand Draft or Managers Cheque

    Request for a demand draft or managers cheque.

  • Postpone Loan/Finance Installment

    Defer your Loan/Finance installment.

  • Amend Recurring Deposit

    Amend instructions of your recurring deposit.

  • Renew Term Deposit

    Renew your existing Term Deposit.

  • Amend Maturity Instruction

    Amend maturity instructions of your existing Deposit.

  • Delink Flexi Fixed Deposits

    Request to delink Flexi Fixed Deposits.

  • Closure of Deposit

    Close your RAKBANK deposit account.

  • Update Emirates ID Details

    Instantly update your Emirates ID details.

  • Update Address Details

    Ensure your address details are up-to-date.

  • Change Digital Banking Transaction Limit

    Increase or decrease your Digital Banking transaction limit.

  • E-Statements Registration

    Register to receive statements via email.

  • RAKToken Registration

    Easily register for two-factor authentication.

  • RAKToken Deregistration

    Self deregister for RAKToken instantly.

Discover & Apply

  • Accounts

    Instantly open a RAKBANK account.

  • Credit Cards

    Easily apply for a Credit Card.

  • Prepaid Cards

    Apply for a Prepaid Card.

  • Deposits

    Apply for a Deposit.

  • Insurance

    Apply for an Insurance.

  • Loans

    Apply for a Loan.

Tutorial Videos

  • Register to access banking at your fingertips

  • Activate your card via the RAKBANK App

  • Set up your preferred card PIN using the RAKBANK App

  • Check your RAKBANK credit card outstanding due using the RAKBANK App

  • Pay bills instantly using the RAKBANK App

  • Send money internationally via RAKMoneyTransfer

  • Update your Emirates ID using the RAKBANK App

  • Card-less cash withdrawal using MobileCash

  • Request a new cheque book using the RAKBANK App

  • Easily register for RAKToken using the RAKBANK App

  • Generate a RAKToken code using the RAKBANK App

  • Deregister for RAKToken using the RAKBANK App

  • Block your card temporarily or permanently using the RAKBANK App

  • Unblock your RAKBANK card using the RAKBANK App

  • Request a Duplicate Statement using the RAKBANK App

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