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Start your Golden Visa journey with processing fee as low as AED 2,000

All you need is a deposit of AED 2 million or a mortgage loan with a minimum equity amount of AED 2 million to start your journey and unlock exclusive benefits.

With us, your hard-earned savings are rewarded with special interest rates on deposits. These exclusive rates will enhance your financial journey, allow your personal wealth to grow and further secure your financial future.

As you embark on an exciting new chapter of your life, you can let go of any worries about medical expenses or access to top-notch health facilities. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, you’ll always have the support and security you need. With the discounted medical insurance that you’ll enjoy from us, your well-being becomes your greatest asset as you embrace the adventure of a lifetime.

As a member of the ultra-exclusive RAKBANK Elite, you can expect only the best and most privileged treatment from us.

In addition to your Golden Visa*, you’ll also receive exciting benefits that include:

  • Personalised banking experiences with your dedicated RAKBANK Elite Relationship Manager
  • Exclusive service centres across the UAE
  • Preferential exchange rates on US Dollar, Euro & GBP currencies
  • Access to the finest golf courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al-Khaimah
  • Complimentary and unlimited airport lounge access worldwide
  • Free valet services at over 30 select locations

The total cost of processing fees for a Golden Visa varies and can be expensive. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy not just the benefits that come with a RAKBANK Elite account or mortgage, but also the savings that you’ll get from reduced aggregate costs and processing expenses.

For assistance or inquiries, SMS GV to 7011 or write to us at [email protected].

*Subject to approval of the authorities.

Kindly note that the visa fee, medical fee and EID charges are not included in the processing fee.