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Introducing Xpress Money

We know your money transfers can't wait. That's why RAKBANK and Xpress Money have come together to provide you a secure way to remit money to 22 countries, instantly. 

  • Receiver can collect cash at any Xpress Money agent location
  • Best Forex Rates and Competitive Charges in Market
  • Transfer money straight from your RAKBANK Account or Credit Card
  • Receiver gets full amount – No deduction or hidden charges

*Service is not available on RAKislamic fixed-fee Credit Cards.

  • This service/offer is available for retail individual customers through RAKBANK Digital Banking using your Mobile, PC & Tablet and through RAKBANK Branches
  • Any transfer under this offer will be subject to RAKBANK’s and Xpress Money Terms and Conditions governing Electronic Funds Transfer
  • RAKvalue & Evantage benefits are not applicable to RAKMoneyTransfer

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