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Invest Pro

You’ve worked hard to create your wealth. Are you sure that you’re making the most out of it? Choose a short-term, flexible and versatile investment solution to achieve the best long-term results with Invest Pro.

  • Very competitive charges
  • Free withdrawals so you always have access to your savings
  • You can take charge of your investments or choose a world-renowned expert fund manager to manage your investments on your behalf.
  • Natural Death Cover: In case of your unfortunate death due to natural causes, your beneficiary will get an annual target premium up to USD 100,000.
  • Accidental Death Cover: In case of your unfortunate death due to accident, your beneficiary will get an annual target premium up to USD 300,000.
  • Free Second Medical Opinion: You can avail free second medical opinion service from renowned medical centers in the USA.
  • Free Medical Discount Card: You can get a medical card which offers discounts ranging from 10% - 30% at selected Medical Providers in UAE. This card is only offered to residents.
  • Health Cover Abroad: You will be covered for treatment up to USD 2 million for life time with maximum of USD 1 million per year, when customer undergoes treatment outside UAE, for any of the 6 covered critical conditions.
  • Conservative Strategy: Designed for customers who are focused on minimizing losses, who are not prepared to take significant investment risks
  • Balanced Strategy: Designed for customers who are focused on capital preservation/modest capital growth, and who are prepared to accept a medium level of investment risks
  • Aggressive Strategy: Designed for customers who are focused on capital growth, and who are prepared to take significant investment risks
  • Age of Issue: 1 month to 85 years
  • Age at Maturity: 95 years
  • Policy Currency: USD
  • Payment Premium Frequency: Monthly or Single Pay
  • Payment Term: 12 months

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Our Insurance Partner, MetLife, made your claims submission as simple as possible, ensuring that you have the right support and tools to quickly make a claim – anytime, anywhere. Find out how you can submit a claim today.

  • Claim Process
    Death benefits or Terminal Illness are only payable upon delivery of this policy to MetLife’s administration together with satisfactory proof of:
  • Claimant's Statement completed and signed by the beneficiary
  • Physician's Statement completed, signed and stamped by the Physician who last attended the deceased or detailed medical report.
  • Original death certificate.
  • Police and Forensic reports in case death was due to accident.    
  • Original Policy document.
  • Copies of passports or ID cards of deceased and beneficiary.
  • Complete address and telephone number of beneficiary.
  • Where to Submit

    Claims Department - MetLife
    P.O. Box 371916, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971 4 415 4555
    Fax. +971 4 415 4445
    E-mail: [email protected]

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Invest Pro (“Insurance“) is underwritten and issued by American Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”).The Insurance is offered by MetLife exclusively to RAKBANK customers and is subject to MetLife’s approval. Terms and Conditions of the Insurance policy shall apply at all times. RAKBANK is neither responsible for, nor guarantees or warrants the quality, fitness for purpose, suitability of the Insurance being offered by MetLife and does not accept any liability and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the customer as a result of subscribing to the Insurance.  

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