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Frequently Asked Questions

OIC Motor Insurance

If you have opted for Agency Repair then your vehicle will be repaired at the main authorised dealership. Otherwise, Oman Insurance Company will send it to one of their authorised garages. The garage will be chosen depending on the vehicle type, nature of damage and availability.

As the insurance premium is affected by the profile of the driver, it is possible to transfer the insurance cover from one driver to another but the rates may differ. If the vehicle is mortgaged then a release letter from the mortgager is required.

Yes, you will get a refund if you cancel your policy provided that there have been no “non-recoverable” claims made against your policy and you have had the policy for less than 9 months.

Visit Oman Insurance Company's claim office with the following documents:

  • Original police report / court documents
  • Driving license
  • Registration copy
  • Passport (if required to prove age)
  • Car insured (if in drivable condition)

A number of factors are used to calculate your Motor Insurance premium. Amongst these factors are the age of the driver, length of driving experience, claims history, location, vehicle value and type.

Oman Insurance Company will take care of the repair cost and you will only pay the excess. If you are less than 25 years of age then in addition to the standard excess, you also pay 10% of the claim amount. You can pay this amount at Oman Insurance Company's office or at their workshop

If Oman Insurance Company is unable to recover the claim cost from a third party, then unfortunately this will be treated like any accident and it will affect your no claims bonus entitlement.

If the deceased is a third party (non-family member / employee) inside or outside the insured vehicle at the time of the accident, then the amount of blood money is decided by the regulatory courts of the city. However, if the deceased is a family member or an employee, then the blood money is only payable if the insured driver has chosen the optional ‘Driver & Passenger Cover’.

Yes, if you purchase driver coverage for AED 120, anyone who has had a UAE driving license for at least 1 year and is more than 25 years old is covered.

Normally the policy holder should be both the main driver and the registered owner of the vehicle, as the policy holder should have financial interest in the vehicle. The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name stated on the insurance certificate.

The documents required to process your policy are mentioned below:

  • Passport copy with valid visa page
  • Vehicle registration copy (both sides double normal size)
  • Driving license copy (both sides double normal size)
  • LPO / vehicle quotation copy (for brand new vehicles)

The comprehensive policy covers:

  • Physical loss/damage to the insured vehicle up to the sum insured
  • Unlimited third-party bodily injury
  • Up to AED 500,000 in respect of third-party property damage

If your car is registered at the traffic department, then the registration card can be used as it carries the insurance policy number as well.

In cases of death or permanent disability, the particular amount for death or disability is paid.

An excess is a contributory amount you pay when making a claim, if found on fault or unknown damage. The Motor Insurance offered by Oman Insurance Company, has extremely low excess amounts and there is no excess for windscreen damage.

If the policy offers Agency Repairs then your vehicle will be repaired at the vehicle’s authorised dealership. Otherwise, Oman Insurance Company will select one of their authorised garages. Oman Insurance Company only use garages that adhere to strict quality controls, have experienced and qualified personnel and use sophisticated repair equipment.

The following points explain the reasons for the 13-month insurance requirement:

  • The traffic department insists on a 13-month insurance certificate each time you register a vehicle
  • They provide you with the registration for 12 months and give you a grace period of one month to re-register for the following year
  • The 13-month insurance requirement is intended to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the roads

Your vehicle will be insured by Oman Insurance Company. Here are a few of the benefits under the comprehensive Motor Insurance policy:

  • Free Agency Repairs for the first two years (for brand new cars)
  • Free Natural Calamity Cover – Storms, Strikes, Riots, Earthquakes, etc.
  • Free Silver AAA Card - Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Geographic extension to Sultanate of Oman for up to 13 months (for brand new cars)
  • No excess for windscreen damage claims