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Frequently Asked Questions

AXA Motor Insurance

If you have opted for Agency Repairs then your vehicle will be repaired at the main authorized dealership. Otherwise AXA will select one of its authorized garages. The garage that AXA choose will depend on the vehicle type, nature of damage and availability.

Your AXA policy automatically covers private cars when being driven off-road provided your car has 4-wheel drive capability and you are not using the vehicle in a race or competitive event.

A number of factors are used to calculate your insurance premium. Amongst these factors are the age of the driver, length of driving experience, claims history, location, vehicle value and type.

AXA provides one of the highest levels of motor protection in the Middle East - combined with the security and service standards of a large international operation, 24-hour accident recovery, guaranteed repairs and extended opening hours.

If AXA are unable to recover the claim cost from a Third Party then unfortunately this will be treated like any accident and will affect your no claims bonus entitlement. On the order hand, no excess is payable on recoverable claims.

If you have selected Agency Repairs then your vehicle will be repaired at the vehicle's authorized dealership. Otherwise AXA will select one of its own authorized garages.

The Policy Holder should normally be both the main driver of the vehicle and the registered owner. The Policy Holder must have a financial interest in the vehicle. The traffic department will only register a vehicle in the name stated on the insurance certificate.

As the insurance premium is affected by the profile of the driver, it is not possible to simply transfer insurance cover from one driver to another. The existing policy must be cancelled. The new owner will then be given a new insurance policy that is required for registration purposes.

The Traffic Department insists on a 13-month insurance certificate each time you register a vehicle. They provide you with the registration for 12 months and give you a one month grace period to re-register the following year. The 13 months insurance requirement is intended to reduce the number of uninsured vehicles on the roads.

The standard excess is increased for high value vehicles, high performance vehicles, young drivers and for drivers with a poor claims history.