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RAKBANK KALYAN JEWELLERS Credit Card is the first and only Credit Card to offer Goldback on all spends*.

Earn up to 7% Goldback on all International Spends


Monthly Spend Tiers Goldback % on International Spends (Non Kalyan Jewellers)* Additional Goldback % on Spends At Kalyan Jewellers in India 
Up to AED 14,999.99 3% 2%
AED 15,000 - AED 29,999.99 4% 2%
AED 30,000 and more  5% 2%
Minimum Monthly Spends Nil Nil
Maximum Goldback per month AED 2,000 No Cap

Earn up to 4.5% Goldback on all Domestic Spends


Monthly Spend Tiers Goldback % on Domestic Spends (Non Kalyan Jewellers)* Additional Goldback % on Spends At Kalyan Jewellers in UAE
Up to AED 14,999.99 1% 1.5%
AED 15,000 - AED 29,999.99 2% 1.5%
AED 30,000 and more  3% 1.5%
Minimum Monthly Spends Nil Nil
Maximum Goldback per month AED 1,200 No Cap

Click here for more details on Goldback

  • No annual fee EVER!
  • Low interest rate on outstanding Retail Purchases
  • Exclusive offers on electronics, jewellery, holidays, dining, furnishing and much more
  • Up to 55 days interest free credit
  • FREE Supplementary Cards
  • FREE Purchase Protection
  • FREE Travel Accident Insurance
  • Cash Advance of up to 80% of your Credit Limit
  • Privileged discounts on dining and shopping
  • Lowest minimum monthly payment of just 3%
  • Travel in style! Exclusive global discounts and privileges on premium brands and hotels on your Credit Card
  • Enjoy hundreds of complimentary Buy 1 Get 1 offers throughtout Middle East & Africa across dining, cafes, entertainment and attractions  powered by the Buy 1, Get 1 Mastercard for You app
  • Unlimited complimentary access to over 10 VIP lounges in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Kuwait, and Jordan airports. Please click here for more details
  • Pay your Credit Card bills at any RAKBANK ATM or EDM, or one of the following exchange houses: UAE Exchange, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Sharaf Exchange, Al Fardan Exchange or Lulu Exchange outlets

Mastercard for you App

The new Mastercard For You app gives you access to a world full of possibilities, helping you learn about how you can use your card to its full potential. Simply choose the type of Mastercard you have and start discovering how it can enhance your travel, lifestyle and peace of mind. 

Discover new places to dine, have a special day out with the family or treat yourself to a day at the spa – with this app, your Mastercard becomes your master key to even better experiences. Use the app to access benefits, redeem offers, and claim insurance coverage.

Use the Mastercard For You app to:

  • Browse ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers in your selected location
  • Reveal a host of travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits
  • Learn about your online shopping privileges
  • Find out how your card protects you

Download the App from the Google Play Store and App store.

Purchase gold or diamonds worth AED 1,000 or more at Kalyan Jewellers in UAE and enjoy 0% Easy Payment Plan for 3 or 6 months on gold purchases and 0% Easy Payment Plan for 6 or 12 months on diamond purchases.

Plus enjoy other benefits such as, Premium Lifestyle Privileges, RAKfeast Dining Privileges, Travel & Insurance benefits to name a few. Click here for more details.

  • To view the offers and Lifestyle Privileges, click here.

  • Additional 5% over and above the Credit Card limit will be allowed to process the transaction. However, any transaction in excess of the Credit Card limit will attract over limit fees.
  • Please note the following on Goldback: 
  • Goldback on Domestic spends will start at 1% up to 3% based on the total spends, with a monthly cap of 1,200 Goldback.
  • Goldback on International spends will start at 3% up to 5% based on on the total spends, with a monthly cap of 2,000 Goldback.
  • Effective May 14th, 2020, all domestic and international transactions under the category of Charities, Government Services, Bill Payments, Schools, Education, Transits, Transport, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Petrol/Gas stations, will earn 0.25% Goldback for every AED 1 spent.
  • Transactions made through any of the banking channels i.e. IVR, Internet Banking, Mobile, CDMs, ATM’s, Branches or any other RAKBANK payment channels will not be eligible for any cashback/rewards.
  • Minimum threshold to redeem Goldback point is AED 100 
  • Gold coin/bars purchases at Kalyan Jewellers are not valid for earning and redemption of Goldback points
  • Goldback is valid 15 months from earned date, and if not redeemed within the expiry period, they will automatically lapse and will be forfeited on the expiry date as specified in the Rewards Statement.
  • Cash advances are permitted only up to 80% of the Credit Card limit
  • Balance transfer is permitted up to 95% of available balance 
  • Smart Cash (Loan on Card) is permitted up to 80% of the Credit Card limit or 95% of the available balance (whichever is lower).
  • Credit Card cheque is permitted up to 80% of the Credit Card limit or 95% of the available balance (whichever is lower).
  • These services are offered subject to approval of the Bank.
  • You must disclose your income accurately, provide valid identity and employment details and evidence them with authentic documents
  • You are obligated to make monthly payments due under the Credit Card as per due date to avoid late payment fees & finance charges
  • The Bank may amend the features, fees, charges, terms & conditions of the Credit Card on 60 days’ notice to you in advance.
  • The Bank may amend the interest rates for the Credit Card on 30 days’ notice to you in advance.
  • If you are late in payment or fail to make the applicable payments on the due date, you will pay default interest at the rates described in the Service & Price Guide.
  • If you make only the minimum payments during each billing period, you will pay more in interest and it will take you longer to pay off your outstanding balance. 
  • If you fail to make a payment or otherwise breach the Credit Card terms, this will be a default and the Bank will be entitled, among other things, to:
    • (a) cancel the Credit Card and demand full repayment immediately;
    • (b) report the default to the appropriate regulatory authorities including the UAE Central Bank, Al Etihad Credit Bureau and other credit rating agencies, which will affect your credit rating;
    • (c) bring legal proceedings against you.

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