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RAKrewards Calculator

RAKrewards is a unique loyalty programme that opens up a world of rewards for you. Use your RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card today and start earning RAKrewards right away

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Simply login to your RAKrewards account to redeem your points. 

RAKrewards structure for your RAKBANK HighFlyer Platinum Credit Card spends:

Standard RAKrewards Offering
Total Monthly Spend in AED RAKrewards on Domestic spend of AED 1 RAKrewards on International spend of AED 1
Up to AED 14,999 1.75 3.00
From AED 15,000 and above 3.00 5.00
Earn up to 350,000 standard RAKrewards monthly on all your Domestic & International spends  
Cinema RAKrewards Offering
Total Monthly Spend in AED On Cinema Spend RAKrewards
AED 5,000 and above AED 1 50
RAKrewards CAP in a month ( Statement Cycle) 10,000


Bonus RAKrewards
Total Retail Spend in 3 month Bonus RAKrewards Rate Max Cap (RAKrewards)
15K to 19,999 10% 33,333
20K – 24,999 20% 75,000
25K and above 30% 138,889

The bonus RAKrewards will be calculated on the total RAKrewards earned during each quarter ( example: January, February, March- Quarter 1, April, May, June- Quarter 2)         

Terms and conditions
1) Customer will earn RAKrewards on all Domestic and International retail transactions and International cash withdrawals
2) Special RAKrewards earned will be part of overall monthly max cap
3) Spends that are eligible & included for calculation of special RAKrewards, will be excluded from the total spends for calculation of standard RAKrewards
4) RAKrewards are valid for 36 months
5) For redemption, the minimum available point balance should be 10,000
6) Spends are considered for transactions performed during the statement Cycle
*Effective January 1st 2018, all spends under the category of Government Services and Utility Payments will earn 0.35 RAKrewards for every AED 1 spent