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Frequently Asked Questions

RAKBANK Geant La Carte Credit Card

The RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card is a co-branded Card between RAKBANK and the FuCom Group which owns the Géant Hypermarkets and Le Marche Supermarket chains in the GCC. It combines the compelling benefits of RAKBANK Credit Cards and rewards / discounts at Géant and Le Marche.

The Hypermarket’s unique “It’s Géant and it’s for you” marketing strategy and aggressive theme-based promotional campaigns helped it to pitch itself across all Customer segments of Dubai’s multi-cultural consumers.


Designed on the pattern of best outlets of Europe and covering approximately 13000 square meters, with average 40 customer checkout counters and about 300+ staff members, the Hypermarket carries an average of 65,000 Product lines which include food, grocery, apparel, house ware, consumer electronics, beauty care etc.

Apart from the compelling features of RAKBANK MasterCard which are:

  • Free for life - no annual fees ever
  • Low interest of on outstanding retail purchase balances
  • The unique advantage of the Credit Card Cheque facility
  • Low interest Balance Transfer of 1.50%
  • Up to 55 days interest-free credit
  • Free Purchase Protection
  • Free Travel Accident Insurance
  • Credit Shield Protection (with 2 months free cover)
  • Cash advance up to 80% of credit limit
  • RAKfeast dining program.

The RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Cardholder will also be entitled for the following:

  •    La Carte Points Program


The Card comes loaded with the La Carte Points Program which rewards customers with 2 La Carte Points for very AED 10 that customers spend using their RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card at any Géant Hypermarket or Le Marché Supermarket in GCC. What's more customers can collect 1 la Carte point for every AED 10 that they spend at any outlet throughout the UAE and across the globe. Points earned by cardholder on a La Carte credit card will never expire. The Points summary will be printed on the customers monthly credit card statement.



 Redeeming these points is also very easy, as every 100 La Carte Points can be redeemed for a Géant shopping voucher worth AED 10. These Géant shopping Vouchers will be available in flexible denominations of AED 10, AED 25 and AED 100. Customers can collect their vouchers by presenting their credit card statement at the La Carte Customer Service desk that has been specially set-up in the RAKBANK branch in Ibn Battuta Mall and use these vouchers to buy anything from groceries to electronics at Géant Hypermarket and Le Marché Supermarket in the UAE The customer will have to sign on the vouchers at the time of usage. The customer should present the card at the time of usage of the Géant voucher and the signature should be identical to the signature on the signature panel of the credit card.


  • Priority Service: Quick check-out through dedicated cash counter for RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Cardholders at Géant Hypermarkets.
  • Special offers on a range of products: Special promotions run by Géant Hypermarkets from time to time exclusively for La Carte cardholders

No, there will be only one type, the standard RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card which will be issued to all customers of the co-brand card.

No, on the Géant La Carte Credit Card the customer will not be earning any Cashback applicable on all other RAKBANK Cards. Instead the customer will be eligible for the La Carte Points

No, customers will not be able to redeem points on La Carte cards by calling phone banking unit. Customers will have to collect their Géant Shopping Vouchers at the La Carte Customer Service desk that has been specially set-up in the RAKBANK branch in Ibn Battuta Mall.

The validity period of Géant shopping vouchers will be 6 (six) months from the date of issue.

No, the Géant shopping vouchers are not transferable and cannot be gifted or exchanged at any point of time.

Yes, like all the other RAKBANK Credit Cards, it is accepted in over 36 million locations around the globe across 210 countries worldwide.

Yes, Cardholders can withdraw cash on the Card from ATMs worldwide that have the MasterCard or Cirrus logos.