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What to do if your Credit/Debit Card is lost, stolen, or compromised


Many of us have experienced the panic that comes with losing a card, finding out that it got stolen, or getting charged for something that we did not buy. When any of these things happen, the biggest worry that comes to mind is “What do I do now?”

The next steps you can take are fairly simple and can be done quickly and easily.

Steps to safeguard your card:

As soon as you realize that your card has been lost or stolen, quickly log in to the RAKBANK App, go to Services, choose either Credit or Debit Card, then Block Credit/Debit card. Choose which card you want to block and select the reason for blocking the card and click done. When you block your card, no charges can be made using it.

If your wallet gets stolen or if you suspect that other people may have gotten your card details, it's important to inform your bank immediately.

If you are a RAKBANK customer, you can call us anytime at 600 54 4049 (within UAE) or call our contact centre at +9714-2130000 (outside UAE).

You should also request for a change of PIN number for any stolen card. Once you do this, the bank will block your lost or stolen credit card and reissue a new one.

When you call your bank to report a suspicious transaction, or a stolen/lost card, you will need the following information:

  • Your name and account information
  • The type of the card (debit or credit card)
  • Card number if available
  • Date and time of the loss or the unauthorized transaction
  • Any other relevant details

If you suspect that your card information is at risk, it’s always best to be cautious and change your PIN and Digital Banking password to prevent unauthorized transactions.

If your card was stolen, it’s also best to file a report with the police. Having a report on file with authorities may help in finding the person involved in the crime.

Make sure to take note of all the communication and actions taken during the process. Write down the names of the people you spoke to, important dates and places, as well as any follow up actions you have taken. If possible, try and also send an email to your bank to keep a record of your communication with them.

For RAKBANK customers, you can write us at [email protected] if you suspect that your card/account details are at risk.

Once your card is blocked, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Ideally, nothing can go wrong after this. Still, we would recommend staying attentive and cautious. For example, keep a special tab on the SMS alerts related to your credit card. In case you notice any suspicious activity, get in touch with your bank and police authorities again.

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