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Your RAKBANK Cards always offer you the best! 

As a RAKBANK Customer, you will be delighted to know that using your RAKBANK Card overseas will earn you up to 5% Cashback on all International Retail spends and International Cash Advances.

While using your RAKBANK Cards overseas, you will not have to select your home currency (AED) for payment of retail purchases, when offered to at retail outlets as you will stand to miss out on three counts:

  • Exchange Rate Conversion: International transactions when billed in home currency (AED) will be converted at an unknown exchange rate as determined by the acquiring bank in that country. This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). When you opt for DCC on your overseas transaction you will realize that you are spending more than what you should. Every penny saved is a penny earned - RAKBANK always cares for its customers.
  • 5% Cashback: All transactions billed in your home currency (AED), but spent outside UAE will not earn you International Cashback. You deserve the reward for choosing RAKBANK Cards, so why let it go.
  • Enjoy low currency conversion rates: use your RAKBANK Card for your spends abroad and enjoy low currency conversion rates. What's More? Your RAKBANK Cards will be accepted on all Chip and non-Chip enabled terminals.

Please refer to the table below suggesting the extra earnings on your RAKBANK Cards by not choosing to make payments in your home currency (AED)

  With DCC Without DCC
Transaction amount (INR)
Exchange Rate (AED - INR)* 0.072 0.0684
DCC Billing Amount as per the POS slip (value in AED) 720 702.81
Maximum Cashback Earned** 3% 5%
Cashback Amount (value in AED)** 21.60 34.20

*Exchange rate computed by the Merchant 
**These percentages are applicable only for RAKBANK World Credit Card

The above example clearly shows that a customer performing a transaction without opting for DCC will be charged AED 17.2 less and also earns higher Cashback for that transaction.

Paying in AED while outside of UAE leads to application of a processing fee of 2.5% for international transactions as per our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Please note that some merchants (e.g. itunes, Uber, Facebook, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Indigo Airlines, Deliveroo,), although offering services in UAE and charging in AED, process their card payments outside of UAE. Such transactions are considered as international transactions and thus are subject to the International Transaction Fee as mentioned above.