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Combined Credit Card Limit

At RAKBANK, we are committed to making life and banking easier for you. That is why we are pleased to advise that RAKBANK Credit Cards now come with a combined credit limit. 


Today, each individual RAKBANK Credit Card has its own pre-set Credit limit. We understand the inconvenience of having to manage credit limits across multiple Cards. To make things easy, Customers will now be able to access their combined credit limit using any of their RAKBANK Credit Cards. Card transactions will be approved as long as it is within the overall credit limit assigned to the Customer.


Please note that the combined credit limit does not include limits assigned on any RAKBANK Business Titanium Credit Card(s) or Credit Cards issued by RAK Islamic Finance Company (Pvt. J.S.C), a subsidiary of RAKBANK.


All other benefits of RAKBANK Credit Cards will continue as before. Customers  will continue to receive individual statements for each RAKBANK Credit Card with details of transactions made on each Card. Customers can also continue to make payments on all their RAKBANK Cards using any of the existing payment channels.


Please click here for frequently asked questions on combined credit limit. 

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