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Gold Account

Now Buying, Selling or Saving with Gold is so easy, you can do it anytime and anywhere you like

  • Buy gold digitally anytime at your convenience at a competitive price using RAKBANK Gold Account
  • Option to save in grams, starting from 1 gm
  • Buy / Sell anytime through RAKBANK Digital Banking
  • Redeem for physical gold at select RAKBANK branches
  • Save regularly through monthly Standing Order set up
  • Enjoy capital gains when there is an appreciation in gold price

Purchase and sale of gold will be based on the banks prevailing real time gold buying and selling rates

Buy Gold through the RAKBANK Digital Banking (Online / Mobile) with the RAKBANK Gold Account from 10th October 2019 to 9th January 2020 for a chance to win gold.


Gold weight Purchased through RAKBANK Gold Account during the 3 month promotion period Number of Entries in the Grand draw
1-74 gm 1 entry / gm
=> 75 gm 2 entry / gm

Gold weight Purchased through RAKBANK Gold Account during the promotion month Number of Entries in the monthly draw
1-24 gm 1 entry / gm
=> 25 gm 2 entry / gm
Sign up for monthly standing order with minimum monthly purchase 5 gm Get additional 5 entries in to the monthly draw upon first execution of Standing Order
  • Credit proceeds from sale of gold into your RAKBANK account
  • Physical Gold redemption will be allowed from select RAKBANK branches
  • Gold must be purchased using RAKBANK Digital Banking channel or branches at counter rate offered by RAKBANK to qualify for draw entries. If purchased at preferential price, it will not qualify for the draw. It may be noted that gold purchase rates offered by RAKBANK is competitive and attractive. Special purchase price is offered selectively based on quantity.
  • Monthly and grand prizes will be credited to customer’s RAKBANK Gold account within 30 days from draw date. Gold account must be active when prize is being credited. 
  • RAKBANK Gold Account holders across all segments are eligible for the draw.
  • Additional entries for Standing Order (SO) will be granted only if SO is set up during promotion period and if first execution date is within the promotion period
  • Additional entries for SO will be granted for the draw month based on the execution date
  • Additional entries for Standing Order is applicable only for monthly draw. These entries will not be included in grand draw.
  • Gold credited in to the account in lieu of prize will not earn any entries for the subsequent draws.
  • The Monthly Draws will be conducted on 13th  November 2019, 16th December 2019 and 14th January 2020. The Grand Draw will be conducted on 14th January 2020.
  • Promotion offer and its terms will be at the sole discretion of the bank and as per DED / regulatory guidelines. 
  • RAKBANK staff are not eligible for the Gold Promotion
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