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Frequently Asked Questions

F@st S@ver

No, there is no monthly maintenance fee for the F@st S@ver Account.

Yes, F@st S@ver can be opened in AED & USD currencies.

No, companies cannot open a F@st S@ver Account. It is for individual customers only.

Yes, a Debit Card will be provided if you have an AED F@st S@ver Account only.

You can access F@st S@ver Accounts through IVR(Interactive Voice Response), ATM/EDM and Digital Banking.

Interest is calculated on daily cleared closing balances and paid monthly. If the interest accrued in a month is less than AED 10, then no interest is payable to customer. The maximum account balance on which interest can be earned is USD 5 million for USD accounts.
No, the account is not Sharia compliant.
No, we do not issue a cheque book with F@st S@ver Accounts, as F@st S@ver is a savings type of account.
No. There is no cap on maximum account balance on which interest can be earned for AED F@st S@ver Accounts.
No, there is no minimum monthly account balance requirement for the F@st S@ver Account.
Your interest rate will be reduced if you make more than 5 Utility Bill payments / RAKBANK Credit Card payments in a month or more than 1 withdrawal in a month.
The Utility Payments that you can make as Direct Debit Transfers through your F@st S@ver are: Etisalat, DU, Salik, ADDC & DEWA. You can also make RAKBANK Credit Card payments.
F@st S@ver is an online savings account that gives you an high interest rate on your savings
Your statement will be emailed as part of our online banking services to your Email ID or mailed to your mailing address on a monthly basis.