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F@st S@ver

The F@st S@ver Online Account gives you more access to your money than any other account of its kind. And it grows your savings… fast.

  • Enjoy interest rates of up to 0.50% p.a. for AED and up to 0.25% p.a. for USD at your F@st S@ver savings account in UAE
  • 1 withdrawal and/or 5 Utility* / RAKBANK Credit Card payments allowed per month
  • No minimum Account Balance or Account Maintenance Charges
  • No cap on maximum account balance on which interest can be earned for AED F@st S@ver Accounts
  • AED or USD Online Savings Accounts – you decide
  • Interest for your Savings Account calculated every day, paid every month

*Utility payments should be performed through Digital Banking.

F@st S@ver Rates - AED 
Balance Tiers Interest Rate(p.a.)
Up to AED 5 Million 0.50%
> AED 5 Million to <= AED 25 Million 0.50%
> AED 25 Million 0.50%


F@st S@ver Rates - USD
Balance Tiers Interest Rate (p.a.)
Up to USD 300k 0.15%
> USD 300 k to <= USD 1 Million 0.15%
> USD 1 Million to USD 5 Million 0.25%
  • If interest payable is less than AED 10 / USD 3, then no interest is credited
  • Terms and conditions governing Personal Accounts and Digital Banking service will apply
  • Maximum account balance on which interest can be earned is USD 5 million for USD accounts
  • Interest payout on intra month closure of account will be as per Bank’s policy
  • If customer exceeds count of permitted transactions in a month (1 withdrawal and/or 5 Utility / RAKBANK Credit Card payments) then interest rate will drop to 0.00% p.a. for both AED and USD

This product is no longer available. Existing account holders will continue to be served 

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