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The new eDirham is an ecosystem of digital payment innovations that empower RAKBANK
 customers to seamlessly perform convenient and secure transactions for government services.

Get started in simple steps
  • Download the eDirham Instant Mobile App from Apple or Google Store
  • Select your preferred language Arabic or English and enter mobile number with UAE country code
  • Enter the code received via SMS to verify
  • Register by filling basic data: first and last name, email address  and accept terms & conditions
  • Create a 6 digit personal passcode for secure log-in & transaction approval
  • Choose Emirates ID for Authentication and linking source of funds
  • Select RAKBANK from the drop-down menu and enter your Emirates ID
  • Enter the Access Code provided by RAKBANK
  • You are now ready to access all functions of the App


Now get ready to pay





  • Login to your eDirham Instant App
  • Generate an OTP by tapping eDirham Instant on the home screen 
  • Give the OTP to the Customer Service Agent to enter on the Keypad or website. Alternatively the Customer Service Agent may scan the QR Code representing the OTP on your mobile device
  • Check your transaction details on your mobile and confirm, if required, by using your password, Face ID or Touch ID
Protected payment by a number of security measures 
Fraud Protection

Restricted login – It is only possible to access eDirham Instant using biometrics (Touch ID/Face ID) or a password assigned to you during the activation of the app

Personal Authentication

User control - eDirham Instant app users can see every single transaction and are empowered to personally confirm each transaction within the app

The limited lifespan of the OTP and QR code enhances security and minimises the risk of misuse

Industry-Standard Tokenisation

Timebound transaction approval - limited time is provided for the approval of each transaction

In addition, eDirham Instant adheres to the highest industry and payment data security standards


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