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RAKBANK’s sustainability framework was structured around three main pillars: Economic, Social and Environmental. These sustainability pillars are supported by five main commitments: Responsible Lending, Corporate Philanthropy, Community Support, Ethical Employment and Preservation of Natural Resources. Our belief is that the long term success of the Bank rests on the trust that we earn from a wide range of stakeholders. We aim to foster that trust by consistently delivering on our sustainability commitments.

At a socio-economic level we maintain a strong commitment to providing career opportunities for the national population, encouraging and promoting banking and financial literacy, and offering financial solutions for the Emirates’ unbanked population.
Furthermore, we lend our financial support to several charities and initiatives especially those focusing on education and healthcare for people with special needs. We also offer work experience for people with special needs with the help of a full-time specialist as part of the Bank’s commitment to promoting an inclusive working environment. 

Finally, in addition to recycling and waste management, we continue to work with the Wildlife Consulting Group in their efforts to preserve the natural environment by sponsoring their wildlife research and conservation projects in our home Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

In 2015, we became part of the Dubai Chamber’s Sustainability Network, an organisation that encourages and supports best practice in CSR and business sustainability, as well as ENGAGE Dubai, which promotes employee volunteering as a vehicle for developing professional skills and enhancing corporate reputation























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