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Use latest version of your favourite browser for a safe and convenient banking experience.

Security Message

At RAKBANK, we always strive to make banking as efficient, convenient and safe as possible for you. To help us do this, it is vital that you protect your personal and financial information at all times, especially over the internet or other electronic devices. Following the below simple tip will help protect your personal and financial information for a safer banking experience with RAKBANK.

As per RAKBANK's privacy protection, RAKBANK will never request you to disclose Account Number, Credit Card Information, User ID, Password, Personal Identification Number (PIN) or any such information through emails. Please report fraudulent emails or any suspected incidents at [email protected]


IMPORTANT NOTICE : In line with our promise of a Secure Digital Banking experience, we recommend upgrading your web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. to latest versions. From 1st October 2017 our Digital Banking will not allow access through older web browser versions.