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Hyat Superior (Whole Life Takaful Plan)

Whether you're looking to provide protection for your family or business, we can accompany you with a lifetime of security with unparalleled benefits.

With Hyat Superior, our Shari’ah compliant plan, you can enjoy creating a unique combination of protection benefits and financial growth that is designed to meet your needs.

  • Lifetime Protection until age of 100
  • Choose from various Optional Benefits that suit your needs and put you at ease
  • Easy withdrawals & premium changes
  • Access to Shariah Compliant Global Fund Houses & actively managed SALAMA Investment Strategies
  • Family Takaful Cover: In case of your unfortunate death, your chosen beneficiary can receive a lump sum payment (no limit for maximum cover). If the Benefit is paid, the Plan ends.
  • Terminal Illness Cover: In case of diagnosis of terminal illness with life expectancy of less than 12 months, you can receive a lump sum payment. If the Benefit is paid, the Plan ends.
  • Accidental Death: In case of your unfortunate death due to an accident, your beneficiary can receive up an additional lump sum payment. 
  • Permanent and Total Disability: You can get a guaranteed lump sum payment in case of Permanent and Total Disability (PTD) due to accident or sickness. If PTD claim is paid, the Family Takaful cover will be reduced by the amount paid.
  • Waiver of Contribution: In case of unfortunate permanent and total disability, SALAMA will continue paying for all the remaining Regular Contributions to guarantee that the plan remains in force.
  • Critical Illness: You can avail a guaranteed lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with any of the 36 Critical Illnesses subject to a minimum survival period of one month. If Critical Illness claim is paid, the Family Takaful Cover will be reduced by the amount paid.
  • Family Income Benefit: In case of your unfortunate death, this provides fix annuity payments to your family for a period chosen by you between 1 and 40 years.
  • Hospitalization Income Benefit: In case of your hospitalization for a continuous period of over 3 days, you can get a fixed income payable for each day (up to 30 days per year) 
  • Accidental Total or Partial Permanent Disability (Accidental Dismemberment Benefit): You can receive a guaranteed lump sum payment in case of Permanent Partial or Total Disability due to accident. The benefit amount is scaled and is linked to predetermined list of disabilities.
  • Age of Issue: 18 years to 74 years
  • Age at Maturity: 100 years
  • Plan Availability: UAE residents 
  • Plan Options: Individual or Corporate Entity
  • Policy Currency: AED
  • Payment Method: Direct Debit from your RAKBANK Account, Credit Card
  • Contribution Frequency: Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Monthly

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Our Insurance Partner, SALAMA, made your claims submission as simple as possible, ensuring that you have the right support to quickly make a claim – anytime, anywhere. 

Claims Department – SALAMA
PO Box 10214, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 800725262 (SALAMA), 9AM to 6PM, Sundays to Thursdays
Fax: +971 4 3577007
Email: [email protected]

Hyat Superior (“Takaful“) is underwritten and issued by SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Co. (P.S.C) (“SALAMA”). The Takaful is offered by SALAMA exclusively to RAKBANK RAKislamic customers and is subject to SALAMA’s approval. Terms and Conditions of the Takaful policy shall apply at all times. RAKBANK RAKislamic  is neither responsible for, nor guarantees or warrants the quality, fitness for purpose, suitability of the Takaful being offered by SALAMA and does not accept any liability and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the customer as a result of subscribing to the Takaful.

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