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Trade Finance (Islamic)

  • Letter of Credit (LC): Make importing easier by providing payment commitments against transactions, and manage the cash flow throughout the order and delivery process.
  • Murabaha Finance against trust receipts (FATR): Finance the shipments of imported goods with our Sharia compliant finances that require minimal setup and no interfaces.
  • Murabaha Finance against Invoices (FAI): Avail our finance for advance payment to suppliers.
  • Financing against Export Bill (Finance for credit extended for exports): Get paid the eligible  value of your invoice, immediately on shipment.
  • Murabaha financing against Export Letters of Credit: Liquidate your receivables under Export LCs.
  • Documents against payments (DP / CAD Basis)
  • Documents against acceptance (DA Basis)
  • Murabaha Financing against Security Cheques (FASC)- Finance for debtors / credit extended locally. Enhance your cash liquidity using our finance against security  facility.
  • Short Term Murabaha Financing against invoices Get Finance  from  us against your future promised payments or invoices.

Payment Guarantees, Bid Bonds, Performance Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, Maintenance Guarantees etc.

  • We deliver our products and services through a combination of dedicated Relationship Managers and TRADEASSIST. TRADEASSIST is a Trade Service  offering to our customers to ensure quick turnaround times for all their Trade Finance Transactions. Customers can avail “TRADEASSIST” services by visiting any of our below service desks or by calling our dedicated Number at 8006789. You can also send an email at [email protected] in case of any enquiry or feedback.
  • “TRADEASSIST” is available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at 8006789


 SMS ' Trade' to 7011

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