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Based on the Sharia concept of Qard Hassan, RAKislamic now offers you the Business Current Account that helps you manage all your day-to-day banking needs with ease, backed by RAKBANK’s award winning service. The benefits include:

  • Accounts denominated in Dirham*, US Dollar, Pound Sterling or Euro
  • Cheque book facility offered for AED Accounts
  • Monthly current account statements detailing all transactions
  • Business Online Banking platform which allows you to manage your account at the click of a mouse
  • Phone Banking Services

You are required to maintain a minimum average monthly balance in your Current Account failing which a fee as detailed below is applicable.


Currency Minimum Average Monthly Balance Fee
AED 25,000 50 AED
USD 10,000 25 USD
EUR 10,000 25 EUR
GBP 10,000 25 GBP


Foreign Currency Services

Currency % p.a.
JPY -0.60
Euro -1.00
CHF -2.00

Foreign currency services is accrued daily and applied monthly.
Note: Above rates effective 1st  July, 2020.

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