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RAKislamic Sharia Board

Dr. Hussein Hamed Hassan


Nationality: Egypt

Academic Background:

PhD, Sharia and Law, Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt (1965) LLM, International Institute of Comparative Law, University of N.Y. Masters in Law and Economics, Cairo University, Egypt.


Dr. Hussain does not need any introduction in the field of Islamic finance.In his professional career, spanning over half a century, he has been a prominent scholar and teacher of universal dimensions, having established and chaired Islamic universities and Islamic faculties in various parts of the world including, Mekkah, Islamabad, Kazakhstan and Libya etc.

He has been Advisor to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (at whose request he participated in preparing in constitution of Civil Codes framework for Kazakhstan in 1992 and Islamic Banking Law in 2008), President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, President of the Islamic Conference of the Muslim World and General Secretary of the Muslim World League, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Hussain is also the President of the US Muslim Jurists Association.

He has converted conventional banks into Islamic besides conversion of DFM as the world's first Islamic stock exchange. Dr. Hussain has given many landmark innovative products to the Islamic Finance industry, including World's First: Convertible Sukuk, Multiclass Sukuk, Securitisation Sukuk, Currency and Rate Swaps, Personal Finance, IPO Finance, and others.

He has also supervised the grand plan of translating 200 Islamic books into different languages and himself is the author of 21 books on Islamic law, Islamic finance, Islamic economics, Islamic art, Islamic social studies, besides writing over 400 extensive articles on these subjects. He has been instrumental in translating Holy Quran into Russian language.

Dr. Hussain frequently presides over Islamic finance conferences, seminars and workshops.

Dr. Hussain is Chairman, Sharia Supervisory Board of numerous Islamic financial institutions, including Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Amlak, Tamweel, National Bonds, Liquidity Management Centre, AMAN Takaful Company, and others besides being core member of the Sharia Board of Islamic Development Bank.

Board Member

Nationality: Pakistan

Academic Background:

Nazir holds a Master degree in Commercial Law from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom and LL.B (Hons) Sharia and Law (with distinction) from International Islamic University, Pakistan and B.A Social Sciences and Islamic Jurisprudence from International Islamic University, Pakistan. In addition to his qualifications, he has received intensive training in international financial laws including securitization, swaps and derivatives.


Nazir is an accomplished and prominent Sharia expert/lawyer in the field of Islamic banking and finance. He specializes in retail, corporate, syndications, project finance, Sukuk, securitizations, Islamic investment funds, Islamic trusts, swaps and derivatives, insurance and Islamic finance legislation and regulations. He has played a leading role in providing technical support to Islamic banking and finance industry through innovation in product development.
Nazir currently serves as Senior Vice President and Head of Legal at Dar Al Sharia (Dubai Islamic Bank), United Arab Emirates.

He also served as Legal Advisor to Dallah Al Baraka, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the largest Saudi conglomerates with operations in banking, finance, media and other businesses, and as Director Law and Regulatory Affairs, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority where he advised on telecommunication regulations in addition to assisting Government of Pakistan in preparing the Electronic Transactions Ordinance, 2000. He is Life Member, High Court Bar Association and Cambridge Commonwealth Society and various other professional associations. Additionally, he is a prominent advisor on Islamic banking and finance legislations, and he is a regular speaker at Islamic banking, finance and insurance conferences and seminars.