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All products and services of RAKislamic are supported by an official Fatwa released by the Internal Shari’ah Supervision Committee of RAKislamic after they have reviewed the product structure, documentation and operational procedures involved in the establishment of the Islamic banking Business and found them to be compliant with Sharia principles and practices.

The detailed Fatwa for each RAKislamic Product is available on the below links.

Asset-Based Finance (Under Murabaha And Ijara)

Service Agency Based on Assets Leased to Third Party

Auto Finance (Murabaha)

Bank Accounts / Deposits (Corporate / SME)

Bank Accounts / Deposits (Individuals)

Business Finance (Salam)

 Wholesale / Business Banking Products Based on The Commodity Murabaha Structure

Credit Card Based On Qard- Hasan

Commercial Real Estate Finance (Ijara)

Instant Finance (Salam)

Credit Cards (Based on The Commodity Murabaha)

Personal Finance (Salam)

Property Finance Product

RAKvalue Proposition (Individuals)

RAKvalue Proposition (Corporate / SME)

Salary Advance Facility (Qard-Hasan)

Services Finance (Ijara)

Titanium Credit Card Based On Qard- Hasan

RAKTrade And Business Banking Products

Treasury Murabaha Product

Wakala Investment 

Also, a consolidated Fatwa listing of all products is displayed at the RAKBANK Branches.