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MobileCash Terms and Conditions

  • The MobileCash service is used by retail and business banking customers of RAKBANK. All procedures mandated by RAKBANK in respect of MobileCash must be followed by each customer and beneficiary.
  • Each RAKBANK customer using MobileCash shall take all precautions to ensure and prevent unauthorized, fraudulent or illegal use of the service.
  • RAKBANK has the right to block or refuse to process any MobileCash transaction for any reason it deems necessary.
  • RAKBANK shall have no responsibility to confirm the identity of any third-party beneficiary or verify the mobile phone details provided by a customer.
  • The customer is responsible for making any beneficiary aware of these terms and conditions and the procedures mandated by RAKBANK.
  • Continued use of the MobileCash service will be deemed to be acceptance of the above terms and conditions.
  • The above terms and conditions are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions Governing Personal Accounts and Terms and Conditions for Mobile Banking.