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RAKinvest Banking in UAE

  • Diverse range of investment options suited to the customer's risk-return profile.
  • Free RAKinvest Account
  • No minimum Balance Call Deposit or Saving account in AED/USD/GBP/EURO
  • Low entry threshold
  • Lending against investments at competitive interest rates
  • Monthly statement of holdings and performance report

1. Fixed Income

2. Possibility of capital growth via movement in price

3. Higher yields compared to Bank deposits

4. Lower risk than shares

5. Diversification from equity related investments

6. Option of Leveraging/Funding & Non-Funding facilities on select Bonds.

1. Comprehensive range of mutual funds from various prominent International fund houses

2. Growth / Value investment style

3. Equity / Bond funds

4. Country / region specific, Global, USA, Europe, Emerging Markets, BRIC, Middle East, etc

5. Sector funds-Technology, energy, etc

1. 100% capital protection or lower, based on product terms

2. Income or growth

3. Diversified or single asset exposure

4. Conceptually simple pay-out of income on pre-fixed dates or on maturity

5. Innovative list of underlying assets: Interest rates, Gold,Oil,Commodity indices, Equities, Bonds, Real Estate, etc.

6. Diversity across asset class, countries and sectors

7. Delivering risk / reward profile that provides investors with optimal solutions in current market conditions


1. Unit Linked regular Savings Plan

2. Minimum contributions starting from USD 150 per month.

3. Minimum term of 5 years & maximum term of upto 25 years.

4. Choice of currencies- USD / EUR / GBP

5. Payment frequencies- Monthly / Quarterly / Bi-Annual & Annual

6. Access to a Fund Portfolio offering exposure to a breadth of markets and asset types

7. Access to Capital and option to stop payments temporarily


1. Unlimited switching between funds that is free of charge

2. Option to increase/decrease contributions subject to Terms & Conditions

3. Access to extensive & International range of funds


1. Unit linked, flexible whole of life protection policy, which offers financial protection to individuals and businesses.

2. Provides cover for Own life/joint lives first death/ joint lives both death

3. Age Criteria: 18 - 75 years

4. Cover flexibility:

    -  Increase / decrease cover at any premium due date.

    -  Flexibility to increase / decrease cover as circumstances change

5. Payment Mode: Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly & Yearly. Additional single premiums can be added at anytime.

6. Payment Options: Regular / Single Premium


1. Critical illness

2. Long term care

3. Accidental death

4. Accidental dismemberment

5. Hospitalization

6. Family income

7. Waiver of premium

8. Permanent total disability

9. Aeroplane cover


1. Flexible term protection policy, which offers financial protection to individuals.

2. Provides cover for own life and joint lives first death

3. Optional benefits of critical illness (CI) or permanent total disability (PTD) with a life cover plan

4. Age Criteria: 18 – 74

5. Policy Term: 5 - 35 years

6. Premiums are guaranteed not to change over the term of the plan

7. Minimum cover of USD 350,000

8. Payment Mode: Monthly & Yearly


1. Critical Illness

2. Permanent Total Disability

3. Waiver of premium

4. Fixed premiums

5. Cost effective

Important Information: 

If you want to find out the current applicable SOFR rates, you can visit https://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/cme-group-benchmark-administration/term-sofr.html.

Products are offered by Third Party Providers and may be subject to approval. Terms and conditions of the individual products will apply. RAKBANK is not the issuer of the Product and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the customer investing in the products.

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