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Merchant Services Payment Solution


Build your business with RAKBANKpay Cards Merchant Payments Solutions in the UAE. We are the fastest growing merchant service provider, backed by a committed & expert team providing seamless customer support throughout UAE.

Our unique combination of outstanding service, innovative solutions and financial strength offers seamless customer benefits to companies both large and small.

We accepts all major card schemes and wallets in the market, like:

  • Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, UPI, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Mercury and Rupay
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and Swatch Pay

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Point of SalesPoint of Sales
e-commerce e-Commerce
Integrated SolutionsIntegrated solution
Support and ContactSupport & Contact


Point of Sales (POS)

Our Bank offers different types of POS terminals with different type of connectivity based on your business requirements and needs. We offer terminals from all leading POS vendors namely PAX technology, Ingenico and Verifone.

Whether you trade in Retail, Hotels, Restaurants, Phone Order Payments, Kiosks or Door-to-door services RAKBANKpay Merchant Service can enable your business to accept card payments and help to simplify your payment acceptance and reconciliation process.
RAKBANKpay also offers Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service for international card transactions that allows customers to pay in their home country currency.

e-Commerce (Payment Gateway)

RAKBANKpay is a “one stop shop” for online payment solutions. We offer all leading payment gateways from Mastercard (MPGS, MIGS, Simplify commerce) and Visa (Cybersource)


  • Easily integrated to numerous platforms
  • Secure credit card payment facility.
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Tokenization

Integrated Payment Solutions

RAKBANKpay offer strong Electronic Integrated Merchant Payment Solutions

  • Electronic Cash Register (ECR)
  • Point-of-Sale : DLL Integrated solution
  • Unattended machine - KIOSK
  • Electronic batch payment processing


Support and Contact Helpdesk

RAKBANKpay has a team of highly experienced customer service professionals. We depute the most experienced resources from our pool of professionals to support any production issues or test issues while executing any project.


RAKBANKpay Helpdesk Contact Details



qkr logo

Qkr! For Schools


Making school payments faster and easier than ever before.


Qkr! pronounced as “Quicker” is a payments platform developed by Mastercard and launched in UAE by RAKBANK. 

It is designed for schools, delivering advanced and competitive online payment solution. It enables you to accept payments for school fees, school events, excursions, text books, buses etc. It’s an easy-to-use mobile app for IPhone and Android phones and works on Desktops and Laptops as well. 


Qkr, is running successfully from past 3 years in other countries. More than 1600 schools are using this mobile application for their payment activities.


QKR! Benefits both Schools and Parents


Qkr! a perfect choice for any school looking to streamline payments.

  • Payments for all departments: Fees, canteen orders, books, uniforms, excursions can all be ordered and paid for with Qkr
  • Reduced cash handling: Reduce the cost & other challenges associated with the collection of cash on school premises
  • Save Parents’ Time: Qkr saves parents time by providing a convenient and efficient way for them to order and pay for school lunches, uniforms, and lots more
  • Improved operations: Enhanced preparation and delivery of canteen and uniform orders
  • Happy parents, happy staff: Deliver a sense of control to parents and streamline the school payments process for staff
  • Integrate with Ease: Whether it’s the native Qkr app, or our APIs and SDKs make it easy to benefit from Qkr offerings 
Skiply logo




Set up your e-commerce site & manage everything from invoicing to payments. Like the name suggests, it’s the simplest way to build your ecommerce business. In today’s fast paced era, online payments are seeing a huge growth due to the increase in e-commerce and delivery-related businesses. As a business owner, you can use RAKBANK Simplify to create your own web store or integrate your existing store to accept payments. This in turn can help you generate additional revenue and tap into a larger customer base.


The RAKBANK Simplify platform has been designed to ease the process of setting up and running your e-commerce business. Here’s why it makes more than just business sense.






Skiply logo

Skiply For Schools

Skip the queue quickly!


Skip the hassle with easier school payments.


Managing school payments has become much easier and more efficient thanks to the new Skiply app. Powered by RAKBANK, the new Skiply app allows parents to make all their school payments online.


For parents it means they can skip the queues and inconvenience of physical payments for school fees, excursions, uniforms... in fact, all school expenses.


For schools, it means increased efficiencies, security and ease in accepting and processing all payments and reducing the time spent managing orders, receipts and cash.



Skiply for Parents

  • Reduces queues: Just like the name suggests, Skiply reduces queues at the school office, uniform shop & canteen
  • Saves time: School payments can be made at a time and place that suits parents and eliminates the need for cash
  • Safe & secure: Skiply is powered by Masterpass, the new digital wallet from Mastercard that stores all cards securely in one place
  • Instant access: Browse all products and services and complete purchases directly from the app
  • Digital payment & receipt: Parents retain a record of transactions and review in the app or via email
  • Login: Quick login using Biometric & facial recognition
  • Recurring payments: Set up for specific products
  • Delivery of school uniform



Skiply for Schools

  • Faster simpler paymentReduce the need for cash. Schools will have fast, secure payments settled directly to school bank accounts
  • Easier payment management: Skiply reduces the time spent managing payments, receipts and cash
  • Increased operational efficiency: Improved processing of school payments, minimized cash handling paperwork, easier sorting of lunch and uniform orders, improved reporting and efficient attendance to parent inquiries
  • Enhanced experience: Parents can order and pay when they want while having access to all products and services at their fingertips
  • Detailed reporting: Skiply delivers automated reports to improve timeliness of preparation and delivery of food and uniform orders, so staff can utilize their time more efficiently

Merchant Acquiring is primarily referred to as the mechanism of providing necessary infrastructure and facilitating payment for goods and services purchased through medium of a card.

1) Point of Sale (POS)
2) E-commerce
3) Kiosks*
4) QR Code*
5) Invoice, Batch & Recurring payments*

*Note: Currently only 1 & 2 are being offered.

  • Issuer: The Bank that issues cards.
  • Cardholder: Customer / Non customer using card for making payment.
  • Merchant: Entity which accepts payments through cards.
  • Acquiring Bank: The Bank that provides necessary infrastructure to the Merchants to accept payments through cards.
  • Card Schemes: Example Visa or Mastercard who facilitates interbank settlements.
  • Merchant Discount Rate (MDR): The commission charged by the acquirer (RAKBANK) to the Merchant (Trader/Service Provider). It is also termed as Merchant Service Fee (MSF).
  • Interchange: The incentive paid by the Acquirer Bank to the Card Issuer Bank for promoting payment through cards.
  • Scheme Fee: The service fee paid to Card schemes i.e. Mastercard or Visa for facilitating interbank payments.
  • On-Us Transaction: Where issuer and acquirer is same (e.g. RAKBANK credit Card on RAKBANK POS terminal)
  • Off-Us Transaction: Where issuer and acquirer are different (e.g. other bank’s debit/credit card on our POS terminals.)
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): The conversion of the purchase price of goods or services from the currency in which the purchase price is displayed to another currency as agreed to by the Cardholder and Merchant. The currency becomes the Transaction currency, regardless of the Merchant’s local currency.
  • Cash handling is avoided.
  • The customers have a tendency to higher purchases/impulsive buying while using the card than cash, thus more sales and higher profits.
  • The customer loyalty to merchant increases due to the facility.

If a customer calls phone banking requesting for merchant services, please take contact details and pass on the lead by email to [email protected]

Currently we support Visa, Mastercard & Maestro and will extend our schemes to Union Pay International, JCB, American Express, Mercury and Diners & Discover in due course.

E-commerce merchant acquiring is the service designed to offer online shopping convenience to the card holders and merchants whereby, card holders can make online real-time purchases through the merchant website backed by an internet acquirer bank and a payment gateway.

The time it takes to establish a merchant account depends on several factors including: completeness of the application submitted, accuracy of the information provided and any required additional paperwork. After your application has been approved, it usually takes 3-4 days to establish the actual account and to arrange for any required training.

No, only merchants with a legal and trade presence in the U.A.E. can be accepted for merchant services.

We prefer to have merchant opening account with RAKBANK so that merchant settlement can be processed on everyday including Friday. However, we do not mandate our merchants to open an account with us. We facilitate direct funds transfer to any UAE based bank. For further information about RAKBANK Pay, please email us at [email protected]

The conversion of the purchase price of goods or services from the currency in which the purchase price is displayed to another currency (currency of the payment card's country of issue) as agreed to by the Cardholder and Merchant. The currency becomes the Transaction currency, regardless of the Merchant’s local currency.

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a set of standards for the payment card industry that is designed to protect cardholder data.