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Exceptional banking benefits for your employees

At RAKBANK, we believe that your employees deserve the very best banking benefits. That's why we created RAKBANK Payroll solutions. It provides your employees with a range of advantages designed to make their banking easier, faster and more rewarding, while saving them money.


 Your employees win big when their salary is transferred to RAKBANK 


Chances to win a Car, House Rent, School Fees and much more with the Dream it. Live it program. Transfer salaries today and your employees will get 10 chances on every salary credit in their account.   

With RAKBANK Payroll solutions, your employess can enjoy all this and more:

  •  More convenience for day-to-day banking
  • Current account with no minimum balance requirement
  • 1 free cheque book every month
  • Free for life Credit Card
  • Preferential interest rates on loans
  • Access to RAKMoneyTransfer with instant money transfer to 27 banks within India and 1,800 Cebuana Lhuillier branches across Philippines
  • Unlimited free domestic remittances through Digital Banking
  • One free International remittance each month through Swift or RAKMoneyTransfer through Digital Banking 

Spend, Win & Live free

Your employees could live for free for a whole year. no rent, no bills, no expenses. From daily necessities to life’s luxuries, they won’t have to pay for a thing. Here is how we can make it happen for them:

  • GET 10 chances in the draw for every salary credit in their account,
  • 1 chance for each Debit Card transaction* carried out 
  • 1 chance for every AED 200 spent using RAKBANK Mastercard Debit Card

Click here to view the details of the program, prizes to be won and winners of Dream it. Live it. 

*RAKBANK Mastercard Debit Card Cash withdrawals are not considered for the draw

For more information about all the banking benefits we can offer your employees, Call 04 2130000 or email us at payroll@rakbank.ae

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