Credit Card Payoff Calculator


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  • Outstanding Amount
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Important Disclaimer

  • Please refer to the below table for the monthly/annual interest rates applicable for each card type.
  • Please note that the interest rates are based on current applicable rates as at April 2020 and may be subject to change in the future.
  • The above calculator is for assumption purposes only.
  • Please note that the rates in the table are exclusive of penal interest of 0.5%.

The Calculator Assumes

  • No additional spends / cash advances are made other than the outstanding entered in the calculator.
  • No additional payments other than monthly payment is made during the term.
  • No instalment loans or easy payment plans have been availed on the card.
  • Payments are made on time by the due date.
  • No bank charges, including but not limited to annual membership fee, are applicable due to nonpayment of fees / outstanding balance.
Product Variant Rate per Month Rate per Annum
Emirates Skywards World Elite Card 3.65% 43.8%
World Card 3.65% 43.8%
FC Barcelona Platinum Card 3.65% 43.8%
Air Arabia Platinum Card 3.65% 43.8%
HighFlyer Platinum Card 3.65% 43.8%
Titanium Card 3.65% 43.8%
My Ras Al Khaimah Card 3.65% 43.8%
Red Card  3.65% 43.8%
Kalyan Card  3.65% 43.8%