Welcome to 'The RAKBANK Blog'!

This blog provides easy to understand financial information to both individuals and businesses. It covers topics ranging from budgets, investments, savings, etc. to start-ups, business strategy, marketing and more. For ease of understanding we have clubbed these topics under three main headings - Personal banking, Business Banking and Islamic Banking. As you read through the articles, you'll notice that every article revolves around a particular financial decision. It could be something as small as 'buying the right amount of grocery' to something as big as 'purchasing an investment property'.

That's because, we understand that your daily life consists of a number of small and big financial decisions, such as:
o Should you take the metro today or just hail a cab? 
o Should you purchase that beautiful dress now or give it some more thought? 
o Should you travel to your home country next month or should you travel later, when the airfares drop?
o Should you start your own business now or would it require a bit more planning?

As you jostle with these questions, having a community that can guide you and help you come to a decision can be extremely helpful. That's exactly what the RAKBANK blog aims to do. 

Through this blog, we aim to create a community of readers who are trying to make financially sound decisions on an everyday basis. We hope that the information shared on RAKBANK blog will provide our readers a better perspective on topics related to finance and money. And further, will empower them to make the best possible financial decision. 

We invite you to read the articles shared on the blog and share your comments or feedback with us. Welcome to the RAKBANK community. It's all about being Simply Better!