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Why Prepaid

Mabuhay. Welcome to the new RAKBANK Bayani Card

The new RAKBANK Bayani Prepaid Card is the first Card in the UAE created for Filipinos living here. With this Card, you not only save by availing amazing offers on retail purchases in the UAE, but can also send money instantly to your loved ones back home at the best rates and from the convenience of your home.
The Bayani Prepaid Card is the ideal way to manage your finances and make payments & purchases, both online and retail, without the fuss and bother of cash.


Unmatched Features

  • Your Bayani Card is a reloadable Prepaid Card. You can load your Card through several convenient methods.
  • You get 2 Cards with each application: One main Card that is for your use and a free Add-on Card for your loved ones back home.
  • Each Bayani Card has 2 wallets, AED and USD, which gives you great flexibility and control when using it for local and international transactions and when transferring money to your Add-on Card.
  • You can easily transfer funds between wallets and between Cards through SMS and Online, making it very convenient and fast.


One Card for you, one for your family

When you apply for a Bayani Card, you will automatically get 2 Cards.

  • The Main Card is the easiest way to budget for your day-to-day expenses. Just load your month's budget/salary onto your Bayani Prepaid Card and use it everywhere: all your grocery shopping, gifts, online shopping, utility bill payments, fun on the weekend, etc…
  • What's more, the USD wallet on your Bayani Prepaid Card makes it your ideal companion when traveling or when shopping online.
    With every Main Bayani Card*, you also get a free Add-on Card to send to your loved ones back in the Philippines. Now you can send money instantly to your family simply by loading your main Bayani Card here in the UAE and transferring money to the Add-on Card through SMS and Online. Caring for your family has never been this easy!
    * You can apply for up to 2 main Bayani Cards.


Enjoy great offers

Enjoy a wide range of over 100 'Buy-one-get-one-free' offers, including 30 exclusive offers just for you at all the favorite Filipino outlets around town. Click here to view a complete list of offers with your Prepaid Card


Withdraw Cash

You can withdraw cash from any ATM in UAE and worldwide that accepts MasterCard Cards and your family can use the Add-on Card to withdraw funds in Pesos from any ATM in Philippines for Free.


Shop online for all your needs
You can use your Bayani Card to safely shop online, whether it's books, games, movies, apps, the latest software, flights, holidays, utility bill payments and more.


Take your Card anywhere

The USD wallet on your Card makes it easy to pay and withdraw anywhere in the world.
Whilst all AED transactions will be charged to your AED wallet, all USD and other currency transactions will be charged to your USD wallet, provided sufficient funds are available in the respective wallets.


Complimentary insurance cover

Your Bayani Card and Add-on Cards are covered with a free Travel Accident Insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance.

(All insurance benefits have been provided by Third Party Insurance Providers. Conditions apply).


Click the respective links for a full list of the Terms & Conditions and our Service and Price Guide.


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